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Choosing your pearl jewelry. Milari offers a variety of pearls including Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian black and South Sea pearls. Look for pearls that are mostly round, with high luster, good uniformity and symmetry, and minimal surface spotting.
  • The Akoya pearls will generally have a white to silver overtone and in some instances we use rose` color. The thick nacre coating typically results in a very high luster.

  • Freshwater pearls come in both rice shaped and round. The round has a similar look to the Akoya. The freshwater pearls are generally smaller and not as well matched as they are less symmetrical. Freshwater pearls come in many colors; this is often achieved by the commonly accepted practice of irradiation and other treatments. Other pearls exhibiting color have been treated and this should be reflected in the price. Milari’s selection of freshwater pearls makes an affordable quality gift at a much lower price.

  • The Tahitian Black pearl can have a color range from silver to deep purple and some green giving it a very dramatic appeal. The very large oyster that cultivates this pearl is very sensitive to the pearl culturing process, making it a very costly pearl to produce.

  • South Sea pearls are exceptional quality pearls with a white to almost silver color. They are larger and round with a smoother finish than regular cultured pearls, making then the rarest of pearls. The oyster is much larger than the Akoya therefore producing a larger pearl and making the process much more difficult and the pearls rarer and more expensive.